Ibex t-shirt design

Of all the bestiary that adorn the objets d’art of the ancient Near East, none has had so long, nor so eventful, a life as the ibex. First appearing on Samarran ware about 5500 BC, the ibex was among the earliest of the animal images to be seen on Near Eastern pottery. The ibex remained a popular symbol in Mesopotamian art possibly because of it's long, branch-like anters, resembling the Tree of Life - a symbol of fertility. 

The ibex received a contemporary look for a new t-shirt collection I'm designing based on the symbols of ancient civilizations. 

With a little help from printmaking expert Britt Spencer and his screen press, the ibex design was printed on multiple shirts, included mens' & women's styles. There's something particularily satisfying about wearing my own designs; I've already begun designing more to screen print.  

hellooo, graduation announcements!

d-day, uh, i mean, graduation is just around the corner!  a little less than three weeks actually.  with all the costs of having my promo mailers and business cards printed, i didn’t have much cash left to have my graduation announcements printed.  solution? screen print them!

inexpensive, simple, and pretty funnn, too.  who wouldn’t appreciate a little hand-made print? and it’ll show my family and friends that i haven’t been finger painting for the last 4 years.